Estimation of runway length for the two stages to orbit vehicle

TSTO Runway Length


  • S Ramesh Subramaniam SDSC SHAR, ISRO, Sriharikota
  • T Gowthami Hindusthan College of Engineering, Coimbatore
  • M Mahalakshmi Hindusthan College of Engineering, Coimbatore
  • S M Jannathul Firthouse


RLV, SSTO, TSTO, Re-Entry, Runway Length


The Reusable Launch Vehicle (RLV) continues to be the unaccomplished dream of the world space community with the tremendous potential, it offers in bringing down the cost of accessing space. Single Stage to Orbit (SSTO) space plane is the ultimate goal, it is now reconciled that a Two Stage to orbit (TSTO) RLV is the one that is viable with the current state of art in materials technology. In India, ISRO is also in the process of developing similar technologies required for the Two Stage to orbit (TSTO) RLV and has carried out design studies in this frontier area and has taken initiatives by developing advance launch vehicles like RLV Technology Demonstrator (RLV TD) to validate hypersonic re entry & landing characteristics of a Reus able Vehicle. These advance launch vehicle missions display wide variation in take off and landing modes, staging, piloting, propulsion scheme and other key parameters. An attempt is made to conceptualize the landing site and estimate the runway length for the recovery of both stages of TSTO namely booster and orbiter. To meet the landing requirements for the recovery of booster and orbiter as winged body aircraft, there is need to have the landing site at Sriharikota as prime airstrip. This paper highlight s the requirements for sizing of the airstrip, landing aids & instrumentation, real time requirements, refurbishment facilities, meteorological & associated instruments required for the realisation of “Runway length analysis and the facilities for the futu re missions”.


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 S Ramesh Subramaniam et al.




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S Ramesh Subramaniam, T Gowthami, M Mahalakshmi, and S M Jannathul Firthouse, “Estimation of runway length for the two stages to orbit vehicle: TSTO Runway Length”, TEMSJ, vol. 1, no. 2, Aug. 2017.