Manometer and its amplification techniques


  • Ajit Kumar Chetry Chandigarh


manometer, density, helix, Magnification factor (MF), hydrostatic law.


Manometer is one of the most important instrument to measure pressure or pressure difference. This pressure difference is than calibrated to give various other quantity including velocity. If we look at the physics of a simple manometer than its fundamental principle is the hydrostatic law which relates the pressure at a given point with the difference in level of the fluid. If density and gravity are assumed to be constant than there is no way we can magnify the vertical level of fluid for a given pressure as per hydrostatic law (Δp=ρgΔh). Hence we search for other indirect method to magnify the readings to increase the sensitivity of the instruments. Here I present four different ways we can apply to amplify the reading to increase its sensitivity.


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