Features and Limitations of MB Statistics


  • Promita Ghosh


Boltzmann, Statistics, Quantum, paradox


This article is about the features and limitations of classical or Maxwell Boltzmann statistics.


The classical on Maxwell Boltzmann statistics every bearded as MB statistics does not take any Quantum principle into consideration. The uncertainty relation of Heisenberg and the exclusion principle of Pauli the two important Quantum principles do not apply to classical particles which are considered to be distinguished from one another.


The basic features of MB statistics may therefore be stated as follows:

  1. The particles of the system are spinless, identifiable and distinguishable.

  2. Neither the Heisenberg uncertainty relation, nor the exclusion principle of Pauli applies to the particles.

  3. As a consequence of the above there is no multiplicity of energy staes and no a priori restriction as to the number of particles that could be accommodated in an energy state.

For the in the system is isolated the total number of particles N in it is constant.


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Thermal physics —A.B. Gupta , H.P. Roy



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