Newton's first Law of Motion


  • Promita Ghosh


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This article is about Newton's first law of motion out of the three laws of motion he gave and forever changed the path of physics.


Before Galileo was time that is in the aristotle's system of mechanics entrance of force was thought to be needed to keep a body moving with uniform speed along a straight line. It was thought that a body was in its natural state when it was at rest. Obviously the above Idea was developed from everyday experience of gradual slowing down and ultimately stopping of a moving isolated body on a rigid horizontal plane. Galileo was pointed out that the above effect of slowing down was due to the incomplete isolation and repeated the experiment using a smoother block and the smoother plane and providing a lubricant and noticed reduced decceleration and the block travel faster each time before coming to rest. Extrapolated from above experiment that if call friction could be eliminated the body would continue indefinitely in a straight line with constant speed. Newton adopted this principle of Galileo as a first law of three laws of motion and stated as


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General properties of matter:- DP Roychowdhary



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