Designing of a 15 Seater Aircraft


  • Souradeep Datta


Methodology, Fuselage, Rudder, Aileron


This paper gives a brief description about the designing of a 15 seater small aircraft. The designing of this project is purely performed with the help of Computer Aided Design (CAD) Software like Solidworks. The project is principally focused on designing of some particular components of small aircraft, so that it would be more feasible and be effective enough to handle more spontaneously. Along with this, the project also focused on its appearance, by which it will be more fascinating enough to attract more & more individuals. Small aircrafts are widely used for aerial surveying, light cargo transportation &to connect with the people from distant places in the world where airport infrastructure are not well developed. Hence, for all of these minor purposes we can use small aircrafts almost effortlessly.


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