Dielectric Constant of a Nano Materials


  • Promita Ghosh


nano, dielectric, macroscopic, polarization


Today's article is about dielectric constant of a nano materials, a property of nano materials which is least understood about.

Scientists can't understand the dielectric screening in semiconductor of nano material. It is calculated that average dielectric constant in the crystals of nano materials decreases proportional to increase in radius of the nano material crystal cluster, that is all the macroscopic and microscopic stimulation say that the electrostatic theory of dielectric are described by bulk constant. for nanostructure, it has been observed that a dielectric constant in local area exists, based on the proper position in nanostructure exists and it differs from the bulk only a very small manner.


It can be proved that sucj properties of a such system can be often defined by . By this information, in a bulky semiconductor, it can be deducd directly that the macroscopic or the large size properties of dielectric constant , it contains back most of the useful information on the dielectric screening. You can ask, can you treat a nano structure as if treating macroscopic body because of its very short range and if it still remains meaningful. The answer is no, the simple answer is that the macroscopic quantities for nanostructures cannot be derived from  in an easy and simple manner, which can be done very easily in the bulk case. To do that, we must consider an important effect which is polarisation charges, at the

surfaces and interfaces between two medias. This is very crucial. Using this

prescribed manual, we show that the macroscopic results of the bulk material is only some Fermi wavelengths away from the surface. The bulk response function gives us the all of the useful information of the structure of nano size.


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