Coarse Wall Influence on Supersonic Diffuser – A Computational Analysis

CFD - Supersonic Diffuser


  • Ganesh Natarajan S Chandigarh University
  • Dharmahinder Singh Chand Chandigarh University


Supersonic Diffuser, Coarse Wall, Diffuser Efficiency, CFD


The supersonic diffuser is a device which is used to reduce the velocity of incoming mass flow of air and increase its pressure. A reduction in velocity is required for the air mass to attain the required residence time in the combustion chamber to achieve complete combustion. The primary objective of this
paper is to study the effect of coarse wall (protruded extensions) as performance augmenting technique in the supersonic diffuser for diffuser design optimization purpose. The behaviour of flow domain is examined computationally for three different design configurations by varying the protrusion location. Associated drag of each configuration is also simultaneously analysed to obtain an optimal design output. Techniques to improve the performance of supersonic diffuser are studied and new approach methodology is analysed for enhancing the performance with minimum pressure loss. Performance analysis on diffuser geometry and the effect of the coarse wall on compression are analysed using computational tools. Twodimensional computational flow simulations are performed using ANSYS Fluent software for visualization of effects caused under actual flight conditions.


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Coarse Wall Influence on Supersonic Diffuser – A Computational Analysis




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